Let us introduce you TIMPANO GROUP. The company represents FERRETTI INTERNATIONAL, S.R.L., branch office. A company with more than 100 years of tradition in the field of construction and industrial buildings.

Complex building and engineering activities

We carry out authorial supervision of the designer and technical supervision of the investor. We also provide test operation and final building approval.

Complex services in designing activities with provision of all necessary professions including static calculations for new buildings and reconstructions in the following areas:
  • family houses, holiday houses
  • residential houses
  • building bridges
  • civil buildings
  • industrial and agricultural buildings
  • steelworks
  • shopping centers
  • concrete complexes


Our construction engineers will carry out repairs on building structures, concrete work and masonry such as casting, stucco, plastering and the like. They responsibly select the right workflow, choose the right material and produce quality mortar or concrete. You can count on the work of our masons. We can also help you to install gypsum plasterboards, for example, loft conversions, or help you insulate your property.

Welding work

Welding work is provided by our parent company from the holding, which disposes of skilled and experienced welders. They can weld workpieces and components using different techniques based on your requirements. They can orientate themselves in technical drawings and documents. Can responsibly select the right methods and tools that are most appropriate in the case. Contact us even if you need to assess the quality of welded joints.

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